Marketing Assistant | Omnitel

Head of Prepaid at Omnitel

Ieva Dargyte worked for Omnitel as intern and Prepaid division assistant for 6 weeks in summer 2012.

While working in Prepaid team, I often relied on Ieva to put together presentations, for which she described and outlined the artistic approach to the project, researching illustrations and photographic reference materials.

When we went into strategic planning and brainstormed about service development issues, Ieva was able to observe every step of the process, sitting in on meetings and working with people in all areas of the Prepaid business.

During this time, she was an effective communicator, often serving as our members of the team. She also participated into projects involving numerous people, and her ability to work collaboratively while following the ideas quickly was outstanding.

Ieva’s sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humour made working with her a joy. I highly recommend her as a team member.

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