Account Executive Intern | Adell Taivas Ogilvy

CEO at ad agency Adell Taivas Ogilvy

During an internship at Ogilvy branch in Lithuania Ieva showed high level of motivation, persistence and commitment to various tasks. In period of one month she worked on Sarkozy (cider house) project where she acted an experimental account manager. Ieva followed the steps of advertising theory starting with problem formulation and finished her contribution producing posters reflecting bar's promotions. Ieva proved to be capable of managing high levels of information then she got her hands on customer and competitive researches. Additionally, she was working directly with the client i.e. Sarkozy's owner and manager which shows high quality diplomacy and communication skills. Furthermore, her graphic works reflects the talent for ad design. I would highly recommend Ieva to work with marketing and advertising tasks as she has a wide range of skills and quickly adapts. Her confidence also serves as a key to client’s heart, not to mention the fact she is a great pleasure to work with.

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