Contributing Photographer | Kuća Stil

House Style is a prestigious lifestyle magazine. It is synonymous with creating their own identity through the creation of individual living space. The magazine represents housing, design, architecture, travel, creativity and gastronomic tendencies. First, I was asked to share the photographs online. Afterwards, I started contributed to paperback issue related to lifestyle in London.

Main responsibilities​

  • Maintaining a budgetary balance for each project by filing expense reports and contributing a clear line of communication with the creative team to ensure finances stays on course

  • Coordinating cast, crew, and extras and perform on-set crowd control duties when necessary

  • Creating production schedules to maximize time management

  • Scouting locations and post casting calls for additional crew members

  • Researching, budgeting, and acquiring the necessary props, product, and equipment to execute visual concepts

  • Having a keen creative eye to stage photographs

  • Working closely with the art directors to shoot photographs that will be processed into the design department for photo manipulation

  • Having the drive and excitement to be out and about and always on the move

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