Blank Piece of Paper

It’s such a beautiful feeling when you wake up one morning and realise you have no idea what you’re going to do in the next couple of months, where are you going to live or who are you going to meet.

The feeling when you are not constrained by time or location limits, not trapped by commitments and relationships, not obligated to pursue somebody’s expectations. When you are a master of your destiny. When you can do whatever you want. A feeling of total freedom.

Erwin Schrodinger (an Austrian quantum physicist) described this phase as superstition - the moment before decision is made, you are simply in the state of inspiration. This is when you are surrounded by an infinite number of unique possibilities, scenarios and endings.

The feeling, when you are about to open a new, blank piece of paper and you have no idea what are you gonna be end painting. God, I am so happy, so excited and so blessed to have this feeling. Cheers to new beginnings. Cheers to transitory, superstition or “Not Yet Decided” phase.

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