Marketing Assistant | Eika

Head of Marketing and Communication at Eika

Ieva worked for EIKA – as marketing assistant from June until September 2011. Her main responsibilities included assistance for the marketing manager in daily duties, website administration and preparation for the events of the company. Ieva was also involved in a new product development process. Ieva is a very creative and responsible person. Her manner during assigned tasks was supportive and very attentive. She promptly dealt with enquiries and was very diligent in all assignments. Ieva was communicative and friendly worked well within a team. She worked hard and carefully fulfilled her tasks. In addition to previously mentioned duties, Ieva could be entrusted to represent company at the job fare. Ieva was coordinating and assisting the team presenting our company. She was responsible for the installation (layout) of the stand. As well Ieva organized a special contest for the participants of the job fare. I would highly recommend Ieva Dargyte to any position as her character qualities, working skills and ethics would be valuable attributes to any successful establishment. She is a reliable, responsible, hardworking and creative person and her work and dedication could be a great contribution to any company.

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