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I had an opportunity to work with Ieva on my final major project at university, which was an online magazine. 

She helped me design the website for it and, I would say, completed the task to the fullest and more because after finishing the project I got into web design myself. Which, I believe, perfectly shows Ieva's enthusiasm for her work. 

She was always very supportive, professional yet humane. Ieva worked outside her hours and was always at an arm's length whenever I needed her help. 

She has great aesthetics as well and always had an idea ready if I was out of them. 

She found great and quick solutions to any issue we had and remained positive, calm and enthusiastic throughout the whole work process. 

Ieva is a young professional with a mature, logical yet calm mind. Her passion and respect for her work is always at present. 

Even now, I never have a problem with asking her for a professional advise whilst website designing. She is there to help at all times.

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