Marketing Executive and Graphic Designer | D&D London

Business Development Manager at D&D London

We at D&D Soho Venues have had the pleasure of working with Ieva, she has a charismatic personality and very keen to understand the briefs we gave her and produced good quality work. She started as an intern and ended by being offered a permanent part time position within the team, which she had to turn down due to family commitments that took her out of the country. Her talents within graphic design have been the most treasured as she was able to create wonderful informative images with easy and beauty. She was also able to take on a large project and produce a 12 page Program we printed for a internal industry event within a very short amount of time. We would highly recommend Ieva as she is super keen and adapts well to the tasks at hand, with a confidence that enables her to suggest great ideas regardless of her age she would be asset to any group.

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