Ksenija Vrbanic | XD XENIA DESIGN

I can't even remember how I started! It was 30 years ago. Everything came naturally. As a member of new wave generation, I was developing it step by step. The entire fashion scene was significantly different if we compare it to the one today.

Very important aspect of my work, besides creativity, is the quality of the workmanship. I was lucky that from a very beginning I had a chance to work with outstanding tailors. When we combined my imaginativeness with premium craftsmanship we have got the brand that everyone wanted to wear.

From that moment I was just going forward. I was never interesting in past, on the contrary, I am always at least 6 months looking forwards. Everything what it was, that happened, I leave behind, and I focus on what is there to come.

My inspiration starts from fabrics, a special story, nature, people and my clients. The good design is the one which sells and which is usable. In that way we have to meet the requirements of our clients, but at the same time, keep our creativity and an artistic line. These two things together, give us excellent results! And this is quite an ongoing inspiration for me!

On Croatian market sale is organized through own monolabel stores in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Cakovec. A lot of attention has been devoted to international market during last 13 years. Collections are presented on prestigious fashion fairs, The Gallery Dusseldorf, STITCH New York, Who's Next Paris, PURE London, CPM Moscow. TRANOI Paris, San Mateo Fashion Market.

XD XENIA DESIGN is exclusive women's fashion brand. With the right sense for future trends, materials and colours, combined with technology and know-how, XD presents an overall collection for every season. It allows women to approach clothing individually with safe sense of style. The collection offers three lines to consumers the classic, trendy line and the extravagant line. Trend is an imperative of every fashion consideration. Unique design and unconventional construction move shapes in a new dimension - XD DIMENSION.

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