Marie Bodilis | Dimanche

I started my career as a graphic designer, but spending my time in front of my computer the whole day did not seem like a great idea. So I started to research leather industry. I did a one week course to discover leather world and started to make somes items for my friends. One day, my computer crashed. I decided to spend that day working on leather goods. This is how "Dimanche" brand was born. I have started from smaller pieces but now look forward to develop larger leather bags.

My products are sold in several shops in Paris like Klin d’oeil and in province. All my points of sale are here.

"Dimanche" is a leathercraft brand created by Marie Bodilis Its unique accessories are based on a simple and elegant design.

"Dimanche" leather goods come in a variety of sizes that fit in one hand: clutch bag, purse, card holder, key ring. Each product is designed, hand-cut and hand-stitched in a Paris atelier with leather carefully selected for the quality of its skin and its color. Some leather is bought in very limited quantities confering to each piece its exception of uniqueness.

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