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The world’s most northern capital in the world combines colourful buildings and beautiful nature. The quirky urbanites embrace their sense of community and brings joy to life creating cool music and off-beat cafes. It is a superb base for touring natural wonders: glacier-topped volcanoes, shimmering falls and black-sand beaches.


Things to do


1. National Museum


The museum gathers together country’s most popular artefacts, creating a trail of clues to life at Settlement and beyond. Peruse the finds and gain insight into the hardy hearts of Icelanders.


2. Whale Watching


Whale-watching boats depart from Reykjavik’s  Old Harbour in search of the magnificent leviathans diving, jumping and spouting off Iceland’s shores. You might spot minkes, humpbacks, fin whales and more, plus diminutive puffins.



3. Hallgrímskirkja


The capital’s iconic church perches atop the city centre and is visible for miles around. From the heights of its modernist steeple survey broad sweep of the city, ocean and snow-capped mountains.


4. Gullfoss


Thundering layers of ice water cascade over tiered rock faces and down an impressive narrow gorge at Iceland’s iconic Gullfoss.



5. Þingvellir


The continental plates part of historic Þingvellir, the site of the original parliament. Waterfalls gush off the rift and ancient stones mark the earliest eras of Iceland’s history.


6. Blue Lagoon


Wash away your cares at the etheral Blue Lagoon, the flashiest version of Icelandic hot-spotting. Set in other-wordy lava fields, with its vibrant geothermal turquoise water, there’s really nothing else there.



7. Geysir


Iceland’s impressive Geysir rises from a bubbling, hissing geothermal field surrounded by a contrasting lush valley. Like clockwork, one of the geysers make a swooshing whoop as it shoots boiling water into the air.


8. Snæfellsjökull National Park


With its wild beaches, multicoloured lava fields and glittering glacier crown, the Snaefellsjokull National Park offers one of Iceland’s best escapes — either as a day trip from Reykjavik  or as a relaxing long weekend.



9. Settlement Centre


Lively Borgarnes was the site for some of Iceland’s most dramatic Saga action. Its Settlement Centre brilliantly recounts the country’s discovery and settlement, as well as one of its most intriguing heroes from Egil’s Saga.


10. Jökulsárlón


A sparkling procession of luminous-blue icebergs shear off from Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and drift serenely through Jokulsarlon lagoon in ever-changing light before floating by bobbing seals and out to sea.


Source: Alexis Averbuck. Iceland. Lonely Planet.


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