Groupthink is present when a cohesive team experiences tremendous pressures for conformity and people strike for unanimity at the expense of critical thinking. This is more likely to arise when groups are highly cohesive and face great deal of stress and pressure. Groupthink results in undesirable decisions even if the group is cohesive and members have great intellect, deep knowledge and good intentions.


Bay of Pigs


One example of groupthink is present in Bay of Pigs Mission in 1961. CIA trained a force of Cuban exiles in Central America to prepare for invasion to over through communist dictator Fidel Castro. CIA presented its plan to president Kennedy. He asked Joint Chiefs of Staff to look at the plan and they concluded it would work. However, this would have worked only with certain corrections e.g. add U.S. soldiers or help internal appraising in Cuba.


After a few weeks, CIA said it was time to invade. CIA acted as both advocates and evaluators (analysts). Key experts from within organisation did not join meetings for deliberation. Candid dialogue and debate did not take place at the meetings.


A number of people held back their concerns about the plan. Many assumptions were made but they were not well vetted. One key subordinate concerns were not shared by this boss with the president Kennedy and the rest of the cabinet. CIA dominated the meeting and Joint Chiefs of Staff remained silent.


The group spend time trying to tweak the proposal rather than examining other options. They also failed to consider any alternatives. The focus was on go / no go decision. Over time, plan gathered momentum. This is evidence of sunk-cost effects. CIA felt as if they had to go forward based on the past investments and efforts. President went ahead with the plan despite his own concerns.


This was a complete fiasco. Most of the rebels were captured and killed. Fidel Castro retained power. Internal prestige grew. Invasion also harmed reputation and relations with the Soviets. The following year, they put nuclear missiles in Cuba.

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